Web Development Services from Cocoon

We deliver stunning results using forward-thinking, innovative web development tools and techniques.

Web Development

Using only the best technologies in the business, Cocoon promises to deliver a web development experience like no other. We utilize both open-source and proprietary web development tools and techniques to create beautiful, clean, functional code, which fits neatly into your current or future digital presence – whether that’s a website, app, or interactive solution. Let us take care of your development requirements; front-end, backend and beyond.


In the ever-evolving world of the digital web, performance is key. Integrated into each of our solutions, from inception to delivery, we are confident that your site performance and optimization is something you’ll be proud of. Harnessing the power of a multitude of open-source and proprietary optimization, compression and content delivery tools, your clutter-free code will be served at the speed of light — and that’s a Cocoon guarantee.

Content Management

Experts at our craft, we have full-stack development expertise in all major content management systems, including Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Mura CMS and more. Our services have proudly powered over 25,000 CMS-powered websites & digital solutions across the globe, including some of the biggest-name brands and international organizations. And that doesn’t happen by chance.


An integral component to any development project, Cocoon’s experience of integration with both popular public and private libraries, APIs, and corporate services is exceptionally broad. We’re committed to bolstering your site’s interactivity by full integration with third-party services in no less than your project or organization’s requirements — no matter how specific.