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We know Joomla, and we're passionate about commerce. We want to build a winning e-commerce solution for your business, and if you're using Joomla... we're your match.

  • VirtueMart
  • HikaShop
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Joomla E-Commerce Specialists

It’s well-known that Joomla is an industry-leader in e-commerce solutions. But that doesn’t mean your store is. With extensive experience in both VirtueMart and HikaShop, our team combines our global, holistic expertise in user experience design, and both front and backend Joomla development to create winning e-com solutions for Joomla. And regardless of your industry or vertical, we’re committed to making it work — every single time.

Experts in E-Commerce for Joomla

We combine the knowledge of our seasoned team of design, development, and strategic digital marketing professionals to create multi-tiered e-commerce solutions for Joomla that strengthen your brand and boost conversion performance. A beautiful, functional store is a great start, but experience has taught us that this is only a small factor to e-commerce success.

Joomla E-Commerce Development

While we promise to deliver a solution that looks stunning, both on the frontend and under-the-hood, our digital marketing professionals are committed to optimizing your user acquisition, conversions and CTR — on the long term. Cocoon offers full-scale e-commerce management, optimization, and continued performance analysis. But if you’d rather leave this to your internal team, we’ll stick to designing and developing a killer baseline solution, that works for both your business and your audience.

We’re pros in Joomla commerce. In fact, with over 25,000 clients, we’ve done it successfully countless times

Our e-commerce developers are proficient in VirtueMart, integrating the component and extended plugins seamlessly into your Joomla environment

We also have great experience working with HikaShop and many of its associated plugins

We also have great experience working with HikaShop and many of its associated plugins

We also have experience integrating third-party e-commerce solutions into Joomla, such as Shopify

We’re experienced in all the major payment processors and gateways, including PayPal and Stripe

Take your Joomla e-commerce offerings to the next level with Cocoon.