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The uniqueness of your brand is unshared by any other. And of course, the same goes for your Joomla-powered website and applications. Since the needs of your business are so distinctive, we strive to deliver tailored, intuitive Joomla development solutions — whatever the use case.

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  • Components
  • Plugins
  • Custom
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Joomla Developers

Specialist Joomla Developers

Joomla is a powerful open source CMS, and ships with an even more powerful framework, allowing the development and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions. At Cocoon, we work with a simple, but powerful methodology: we write clean and clutter-free code, which is easy to maintain, whilst targeting the specific challenges and requirements of your organization’s digital offering.

Hire Expert Joomla Developers

Our #1 commitment is to build comprehensive, powerful Joomla solutions that are easy to adapt, and easy to maintain. We avoid code redundancy, and aim to develop solutions that meet the precise needs of your audience — we aren’t in the business of re-using code from client to client. What we develop for you belongs only to you.

Joomla Development Services

Our Joomla development solutions cater to projects of all scales and sizes. Whilst Joomla is a highly-powerful, competent CMS, we’re just as passionate as you to integrate complex additional functionality, which remains forward-compatible and won’t break on upgrade. We’re best placed for complex development projects which require compatibility into the future, and don’t break on oh-so-important Joomla upgrades.

Full Tier Joomla Development

Given Joomla’s great adaptability, we’re pleased to have worked on Joomla projects of all sizes. We provide comprehensive development solutions to SMEs, as well as non-profits, government, and fast-paced enterprises. With over 25,000 clients, we know Joomla.

Joomla is a powerful open-source framework right out the box. We harness this power in order to leverage your website or application to the next level of performance and functionality

We utilize many of Joomla’s native tools to extend and build upon the functionality of your Joomla solution, including custom Modules, Plugins and Components

We also utilize overrides in order to extend the capabilities of native Joomla, turning it into a content management and delivery powerhouse

Our Joomla development specialists write validated custom code that fits neatly into Joomla’s core infrastructure

We employ the use of Joomla’s native APIs and the Joomla Framework to harness the native extendability of Joomla

Our team of development professionals are devoted to building and integrating development solutions that cater to the needs of your business, and your customers

Using the power of the Joomla framework, we're excited to build flexible solutions that address the individual needs of your clients and customers. Every single one of them.