Optimization & Performance Solutions for Mura CMS

Mura CMS Performance & Optimization

Are your visitors staring at a loading screen for more than 3 seconds? We hope not. Mura is an industry leader in the realm of CMS performance, but that doesn't mean your website is. Our experience in the optimization of both front and back-end Mura solutions is unparalleled.

  • CDN
  • Caching
  • Compression
  • Scaling
  • Spikes
  • Bursts

Mura CMS Performance Experts

Cocoon prides itself on its attention to performance. And the optimization of your online business offerings go far beyond the scope of Mura CMS. We are experts in complex server infrastructure and management — in particular with dedicated solutions, Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud.

Optimize Mura CMS

Mura CMS natively provides aggressive and integrated caching capabilities, but we’re excited to take the performance of your solution to the next level. Our in-house team of Mura developers and server administration consultants aim to build powerful multi-layer performance optimization solutions that will elevate your online offerings to the next level.

Enterprise Mura Performance

We hold experience in aggressive client and server-side caching, application-level optimization and server-layer performance management. We also utilize multiple compression techniques and provide seamless integration with your content delivery network of choice.

Mura CMS provides great performance optimization natively, straight out of the box

But for most enterprise solutions, this often won’t be enough. This is why we’re so committed to providing comprehensive performance management that go far beyond Mura’s native capabilities

Our established partnerships with industry-leading, enterprise-level content delivery networks allow us to deliver high-performance CDN integration and management for all your static files

We utilize Mura’s built-in optimization capabilities, but build a comprehensive performance optimization strategy far beyond this

We implement aggressive caching strategies on top of Mura, to deliver your website or application at improved speed on a client level

We also utilize a combination of compression techniques to deliver your website or application at faster speed, and reduce server load

We’ll analyze both your database and server configurations to ensure that they’re best optimized for maximum Mura performance

Our internal automated monitoring tools run 24/7, instantly alerting our administrators in the case of increased resource consumption or performance strain

Our dedicated in-house team provide immediate responses to monitoring alerts, with subsequent investigation and resolution

Our monitoring tools run 24 hours per day, constantly assessing your Mura instance on both an application and server level, so that we can ensure the smooth running of your application every day of the year, including holidays

Automated scaling infrastructure means that spikes in traffic or increased resource consumption can be managed and mitigated with immediate effect

Your servers can say goodbye to high CPU by harnessing Cocoon's high performance strategies and integrations.

And of course, slicker sites result in slashed bounce rates. Let's build a Mura solution that runs so fast you'll be feeling out of breath.