Mura CMS Security & Monitoring Solutions

Mura CMS Security

We're experienced in digital security. In fact, we provide cybersecurity support, knowledge and advice to some of the world's biggest brands. Let's work together to develop fool-proof security, mitigation, and damage control strategies.

  • Immediate Rollbacks
  • DDoS
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Emergencies
  • Spikes
  • Application Layer
  • Server Layer
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Automation
  • Restoration
  • Hardening
  • Consultancy
Security Camera

Mura CMS Security Consultants

Maintaining water-tight security of your growing MuraCMS installation and server infrastructure is a highly necessary long-term commitment. With years in the business, our data and security consultants are specialist in hardening Mura CMS, related applications, and all kinds of server infrastructure.

Security for Mura CMS

We’re committed to providing a fully managed security solution that ensures effective security of your Mura installation, plugins, and custom code. Since your infrastructure also plays a key part, we’ll be managing that too. We provide 24/7 security and performance monitoring with immediate response to suspect activity, even out of hours.

Managed Mura CMS Security

Our internal automated monitoring systems are in place to ensure that our solutions remain efficient over the long-term, and the integrity of your data is maintained — which is key to managing unforeseen vulnerabilities and to shut down potential attacks. Ultimately, our aim is to maximize the integrity of your digital offerings, while providing a great ROI.

Enterprise Mura CMS Security

Our security solutions cater to high-traffic, high-risk environments. And no matter your preference of infrastructure, our specialist security consultants are able to build flexible strategies and adaptable solutions, to meet your specific requirements.

Mura CMS is inherently one of the most-secure digital solutions to enterprise level content management

We assume that’s one of the reasons your business is so passionate about utilizing it

But of course, with so many factors that play an integral part in digital security, we’re here to strengthen Mura CMS even further

We’ll keep your Mura application and all related plugins and third-party libraries and integrations up-to-date, ensuring you’re running the latest stable versions

Additionally, we’ll manage your server-level security, if that’s something your organization requires

We offer comprehensive managed security solutions for your Mura application as well as the infrastructure it resides on

Our in-house automated monitoring tools alert our consultants of suspect activity or spikes in resource usage, so that we can respond immediately, and pinpoint the exact cause of the problem

Our dedicated security experts are on-call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, including holidays

We offer an immediate response, with subsequent investigation and resolution to suspect security issues on both an application and server level

We offer automated backups, scheduled and on-demand imaging, and immediate rollbacks and restorations in the event of accident or disaster

Intelligent automation allows scaling of your infrastructure directly in response to traffic spikes and increased resource usage

Our comprehensive Mura security solutions are designed to provide increased safety and reliability, as well as an increased ROI in the event of accident and disaster

Our dedicated security consultants are on-hand 24/7, accessible via email, Skype, phone and SMS, so you can reach us wherever you are

Experts in CMS security, we'll ensure your Mura installation remains secure against even the most malicious of attacks. But it doesn't end there, which is why we'll manage the ongoing stability and security of your web server too.