Technical Services from Cocoon

Our solid technical services support you to accelerate your business offerings.


Further to hosting your projects with cutting-edge, industry-leading technology, Cocoon provides long-term maintenance of your servers, sites, and projects. We'll keep your projects online, and your data secure, so you can have total peace of mind, 24/7, 365. With us, you'll deal with real people, you'll never have to touch a control.

Server Administration

We offer a choice of business-class email and online calendar services in the cloud, as well as domain management solutions and super-redundant backup and recovery solutions. Combined with fully-serviced enterprise-level hosting and maintenance solutions, technical service from your digital agency of choice couldn't possibly get any better.

Cyber Security

We understand that for many of our clients, maintaining availability and outstanding performance are highly critical. It is for this reason that Cocoon provides fully-serviced, managed hosting solutions, utilizing the best business-class technology in the industry. Whether your customers are local or dispersed across the globe, we'll tailor a solution fit to your requirements.


Cocoon offers exemplary support as standard, to each and every client, regardless of the nature of the issue or concern. And for the times you most need it, we additionally offer Priority Support to resolve issues, scale up your solution, or implement new functionality on-demand, whenever your business craves it.