Premium Educational & E-Learning Moodle LMS Theme

Edumy is a premium Moodle theme built for online learning and educational establishments. This powerful Moodle theme delivers the ultimate flexibility and control, while sporting a stunning fully-responsive design.

Introducing Edumy

Designed for online educational courses and e-learning websites, Edumy is a contemporary Moodle theme boasting a unique and refreshing retina-ready design. Built to power fluid user experiences, Edumy delivers an innovative online learning experience through its forward-thinking layouts and highly-adaptive design. 

Custom Dashboard

Edumy's all-custom dashboard provides your online learners with a powerful digital education hub, packed with all the features you'd expect from Moodle.

Over 65 Custom Blocks

Over 65 custom blocks and plugins are bundled with the theme — providing near-limitless possibilities for extending and customizing Edumy.

Retina Ready

Built-in retina visuals & functionality ensure that your site looks great to viewers of all resolutions — we've even checked on iMac Retina 5K.

Fully Responsive

The template is highly-responsive and any-device-ready. Edumy's contemporary layout artfully adapts to the browser size.

  • Demo Installation — Edumy includes a powerful Moodle Demo Installation package, allowing you to install Edumy in minutes, not hours. Installation via the Demo Installation package will spin up an identical replica of the Edumy live preview, complete with all custom blocks, pre-built pages, and theme settings pre-configured. After that, the stage is yours.
  • Existing Installations — It's super-easy to install Edumy in your existing Moodle site. The standalone theme, Edumy's 65+ custom blocks, and all recommended third-party plugins are included within the download package, along with extensive installation guidance and instructions. Enhance the interface and performance of your existing Moodle site with Edumy.
  • 65+ Custom Blocks — Edumy ships with over 65 custom blocks, bundled directly within the demo installation package, or installable separately as standalone blocks in an existing Moodle site. Edumy's powerful library of custom blocks provide near-limitless options for customizability and control of your Moodle site and content display.
  • Extensive Documentation — We provide both both an online and downloadable documentation file, which offers extensive guidance for both installation and customization of Edumy and all included blocks and plugins. Additionally, our dedicated team of Moodle experts are available 7 days a week to assist with queries both in development and production.
  • Rich Theme Options — Edumy's built-in settings panel includes a broad range of configurable options to customize the look, behavior, and functionality of your Moodle site. The point-and-click theme settings provide an efficient means to adapt Edumy to your liking and brand-style, while retaining the most intuitive experience for your learners.
  • 8 Homepage Layouts — The theme sports 8 pre-built front-page layouts, completely customizable to your liking. Drag-and-drop custom blocks to achieve the arrangement you desire, and make use of Edumy's multiple regions to organize and promote featured courses and helpful information.
  • 8 Header Designs — Edumy's 8 header designs are configurable directly from the theme settings panel, allowing you to effectively switch-out the appearance of your Moodle site in instantaneously. What's more, we've included header variations to suit any kind of edu site - from uber-minimalistic to content-packed and feature-rich.
  • Multiple Footer Variants — Similarly to its array of header options, Edumy includes multiple pre-built footer variations to customize the look and feel of your Moodle site. Switch-out footers in a matter of seconds with the point-and-click theme settings panel. Edumy's footer variants are intended to empower Moodle sites with further design flexibility and control.
  • Custom Dashboard — Edumy's all-custom dashboard is both contemporary and sophisticated, allowing your students, teachers and admins the power to browse courses, reports, and settings in a streamlined and highly-responsive environment. User dashboards are further customizable using Edumy's all-custom blocks, so that your users can achieve personal harmony with their learning experience.
  • Working Webforms — Transparency and communication are pivotal to success in education. That's why Edumy includes built-in support for webforms of all kinds. Contact forms and email captures are now possible out-the-box with Edumy's included inquiry and email newsletter forms, powered by popular third-party Moodle plugins.
  • Moodle Drag & Drop — Edumy fully supports Moodle's default drag-and-drop interface for arrangement and positioning of custom blocks. This, coupled with Edumy's 65+ included custom block types, makes managing a content-rich Moodle site easier than ever. Create, position, copy, and remove content on-the-fly with over 65 Edumy-powered custom blocks.
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Compatible with:

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Cocoon Live Customizer
  • Moodle 3.10.x
  • Moodle 3.7.x
  • Moodle 3.8.x
  • Moodle 3.9.x
  • PayPal Enrolment
  • PHP 7
  • Stripe Enrolment

Demo Installation (QuickStart)

Edumy ships with a Moodle Demo Installation package, which enables you to get up and running in no time. Our Demo Installation package allows you to spin up an identical replica of the Edumy live preview, complete with all pre-built pages and theme configuration options ready-to-go. Additionally, all custom blocks and recommended third-party plugins are pre-installed and setup for your immediate use and customization. Most of our clients report speedy deployment of the Demo Installation package, and we're proud to promote that it typically takes a matter of minutes until you're ready to go!

Existing Installations

Alternatively, the standalone theme can be installed manually, complete with all custom blocks and bundled plugins. The included documentation file provides extensive guidance and coverage of installation and customization, with step-by-step instructions for installation into an existing Moodle site. This installation method ensures the highest level of customizability and control, allowing existing Moodle sites to retain their current architecture while benefiting from the innovations that Edumy brings to Moodle LMS.

The theme has been developed so that you will find customization a breeze. The point-and-click theme settings, custom blocks, and bundled plugins provide the flexibility to make extensive customizations to the functionality and layout of your Edumy-powered Moodle site. Additionally, the theme's template files provide a well-structured foundation for further extension and modification.

We offer premier support for as long as you need it, 7 days a week. Our in-house team of Moodle experts will support you through theme setup and help you make the most of Edumy. In addition, the included documentation file provides extensive guidance for installation, customization, and further development of the theme.

  • Clean
  • Creative
  • Professional

Deliver Powerful E-Learning Experiences with Edumy

A modern and feature-rich Moodle theme designed specifically for educational establishments, Edumy empowers e-learning and online education sites of all kinds. Engage your remote learners and deliver ground-breaking online tuition experiences with Edumy.

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