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We Develop High Performance Websites & Apps with Next.js

Using a customer-first approach to design and development, we take projects from idea to conception using Next.js.

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Hyper Fast Sites & Web Apps

We develop hyper-fast websites and web apps using Next.js, by leveraging the framework's capabilities in hybrid rendering and routing to create highly optimized end-user experiences.

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Scalable Frontends

Scalable implementations are at the forefront of our work with Next. To achieve this, we implement an iterative development cycle that promotes the highest levels of performance & scalability.

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Highly Integrated

Through the use of a composable approach, we integrate best-of-breed technologies and frameworks with Next-powered web apps to deliver unrivaled and highly-connected frontend experiences.

What We Do

Next.js Development: Frontend, Application & Integration.

We develop Next.js websites & web apps for a variety of use-cases, leveraging a stable tech-stack for unparalleled development speed & ease of maintenance.




Next.js Development Services

We create value by leveraging the technical capabilities of Next.js

SEO Ready

Websites & applications built with Next.js are SEO-ready out-the-box given the framework's hybrid approach to rendering. Both Static Site Generation (SSG) and Sever Side Rendering (SSR) cater to SEO friendliness and render pages that are fully search-engine ready.

Better Security

Next's server-side layer enables the concealment of sensitive backend functions and API requests from end-users, improving security of the frontend application. In addition, Next.js caters to client-side routing, which allows applications to provide sensitive data only to those who need it.

High Performance

Next.js is known for its ability to deliver pages at incredible speed whilst consuming only minimal resources. Together, these factors cater to powerful, high-performance web apps that are capable of dynamic rendering.

Faster Speed of Development

Next's component-based approach fosters a high-level of reusability within a codebase, which is directly responsible for reduced time-to-market and a faster rate of development. In addition, the wide availability of plugins and node modules available allow for bootstrapping of a huge spectrum of common functionalities.

Improved DX

Next boasts a great developer experience (DX), and one that is substantially improved upon legacy website or web application frameworks. With better DX comes faster, more reliable builds and an increased opportunity for further development of the application with better spend on resources.

Device Agnostic

Next.js knows no boundaries as far as platforms or devices are concerned. Applications built with Next.js are fully device-agnostic, omni-platform, and capable of being deployed anywhere that is able to run Node.

Nextjs Development Agency

We create rich frontend experiences that deliver maximum impact.

We develop immersive websites & web apps with Next.js.

Hybrid rendering: Next provides both static site generation & server-side rendering capabilities

Hybrid routing: Leverage client-side and server-side routing in parallel

Greater level of security with a backend that is not exposed to end-users

SEO-friendly and search-engine ready out-the-box

SEO friendly & search-engine-ready

Next's hybrid approach to rendering empowers modern web applications to boast SEO-friendliness without the headaches of implementing additional layers on-top of the Next application itself. With SSG (static site generation), pages are made SEO-ready without any additional implementation. In addition, Next's SSR (server-side rendering) techniques produce search-engine-ready pages for pages that are subject to frequent change (otherwise known as dynamic pages). Regardless of the rendering method, with Next it's a win-win for SEO!

Better security with Next.js

Next.js offers a higher level of security when compared to alternatives through use of server-side rendering, which provides the ability to conceal backend functions and APIs, as well as additional integrated functionality such as security headers and support for content security policies. Through its support for both server-side and client-side routing, Next allows applications to conceal sensitive data whilst allowing appropriate access levels to public pages and information.

Faster speed of development

Next.js as a framework offers a variety of ways to bootstrap the development of websites and web apps, due to the high availability of ready-made design systems, plugins, npm modules, and other libraries available. Next applications are able to utilize a huge resource of additional plugins to encourage faster pace of development and higher levels of reusability.

Next.js Development Services

Utilizing Next.js to build powerful websites & web apps

By applying a hybrid approach to data-sourcing, rendering and routing, we develop fullstack applications with Next.js that are high-performance and feature-rich.

With a user-focused and data-oriented approach, we take projects from conception to completion using Next.js to power both frontend experiences & backend data-sourcing and functionality.

Next is a React-based framework for the development of modern websites and applications. Next is largely viewed as a frontend framework, but it’s actually full stack—meaning that it’s capable of servicing both the frontend and backend of web applications.

Next provides a significant toolset above React, which often makes it desirable above barebones React for developing feature-rich websites and applications, particularly those that require server side rendering.

Next is commonly used to develop websites and web apps, and the framework provides a full-fledged toolset to do so. Next includes a server layer, which allows applications to source and transform data prior to rendering a page, which is a key component to modern websites and apps. This capability allows developers to utilize Javascript as a frontend programming language whilst creating SEO-optimized and search-engine ready web pages that are also capable of dynamic content and user-oriented data.

Next.js is a React-based framework. That is, Next is built on React. React itself is a Javascript library which caters to the rapid development of web applications. By harnessing the power and ingenuity of React, Next is able to deliver a powerful developer experience and all-in-one framework for the development of high-performance frontends with server-side-rendering capabilities.

Next.js is commonly referred to as a frontend Javascript framework. However, Next is actually full-stack framework capable of powering both the frontend and backend of a web application, due to its server-side capabilities.

Next is a powerful tool for the development of dynamic websites and web applications. Next brings a more modern foundation to websites, and caters to the rapid development of web applications requiring server side rendering.

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