Which CMS is Best for Blogging?

What's the best content management system if you're running a self-hosted blog?

Best CMS for Blogs

If you’re considering starting a blog, you are thinking of the best content management system.

Blogging is a great means of marketing today, whether you’re doing it for a personal website, to promote yourself, or for a business.

In fact, blogging and content marketing is one of the best methods of increasing brand awareness, according to a study conducted by Weber Shandwick. They reported that between 50 and 65% of a brand's reputation has to do with its sociability.

You may be under the assumption that blogging is as simple as typing down your thoughts and hitting publish. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Particularly if you are going to be running your blog on a private web host, there’s a lot more to consider.

You may already have a good idea of which CMS you’d like to use for your blog, but if you haven’t done your research you might find yourself surprised at some of the challenges down the road.

Especially as your blog expands (and it will, trust me!), you may eventually realize that the initial CMS choice you made no longer quite suits your blog’s requirements.

I firmly believe in using only the resources that you need. from my experience, I've found that as far as web development goes, it’s best to stick with only what you need and cut out the crap.

In order words, if you don’t require the power of an e-commerce CMS, don’t use it. there are many problems with using a CMS that is ‘too’ powerful for your website’s needs.

WordPress was created for blogging. I mean, the name of the CMS is made up of the words “Word” and “Press”. While WordPress has definitely transformed over the years, growing into a fairly polished content management system of sorts, it’s clear that its core target market is bloggers.

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