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How To Build the Perfect Web Development Workstation

For full-time web developers, having a great workspace is key to productivity and progress. In fact, for most web developers, not enough attention is paid to the creation of a space that fosters focus, growth, and good code.

We've decided to curate a list of our top tips for creating the ultimate web development workstation.

The Ultimate Web Developer Workspace

In general, following a practice of minimalism can be very beneficial — at the most basic level, it helps keep things tidy and clutter-free.

Lighting is so important

It’s crucial that you take any steps necessary to increase positive feelings in your workspace, and sitting beside windows with lots of light will lead to heightened motivation.

Any artificial lighting should be well-situated, to ensure that the space has optimal working conditions and continues to feel pleasant for long periods of time.

If you’re facing a wall, having the light come from behind or on both sides of the computer screen can help balance the contrast and ease your eyes.

Ensure that you aren’t working in a dark room, in order that you aren’t causing undue strain on your eyes.

Use storage space to stay organized

Having storage space for loose items, stationery and paper is also a good initiative. Loose items can easily become lost, which is annoying at the best of times.

Additionally, organizing them into storage boxes or compartments will allow them to be quickly found when next in need.

There’s nothing worse than piles of paper, broken pens, and blank sticky notes lying around the room.

To build on our point about clutter—minimizing the amount of visible wires will keep things tidy and organized. And of course, you’ll no longer be tripping on those pesky cables.

Clean air & ventilation to focus the mind

Keeping the office well-ventilated and breezy allows fresh airflow to pass throughout the space, to increase levels of oxygen in your working environment. Not only is this good for how you feel physically, but your brain will thank you too.

Lighting candles, burning incense, and using other air freshening fragrances will aid in clearing stress and focusing your mind. It’s a great gift to feel revitalized whilst working.

In fact, if you are particularly stress-prone, then using fragrances that are calming are going to be most beneficial to you.

Or if you’re somebody who tends to procrastinate, allowing your focus to wax and wane throughout the workday, fragrances that promote focus and make you feel grounded can be great at improving your ability to focus on the tasks at hand.

Sitting vs standing at your desk

And as far as seating goes, it’s probably more important than you think.

Ergonomic chairs and seating are especially helpful for those sitting behind a desk for long periods of time, and as a web developer, you’re likely bound to that desk for even longer than the average office worker.

Investing in a study standing desk for the office can be helpful for increasing productivity while encouraging mobile working. Standing desks can be used intermittently throughout the day to keep you from remaining sedentary.

If you find it hard to use a standing desk for long periods of time, then getting up for 5 minutes every half-hour or so, even if just to check your phone or make some notes, whilst at the standing desk encourages a small amount of mobility—which you’re sure to notice the effects of by the time the day is out. Say goodbye to that stiff neck and lower back pain.

Any seating should be supportive of your neck, back, and shoulders. That’s important so that you aren’t inadvertently developing muscular pain or strains from sitting in with a poor posture day after day.

Incorporating other means of comfortable seating, such as a chair and coffee table, a small couch, or even a beanbag, can be useful in switching things up by adding some flexibility to where in the room you’re working from. It’s important to optimize the space to your advantage.

Take care to organize the space in such a way to encourage and facilitate short breaks and periods of standing. A good tip is to move the coffee machine out of the office, to encourage a short walking distance during breaks, which helps keep you moving. Using a smaller mug or glass for refreshments can also help to keep you on your toes, forcing you to get up from the desk in order to refill on refreshments.

And of course, limiting the amount of distraction, whilst keeping the space pleasant and motivational is a great ethos to have. But we think that goes without saying.

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