The Top 5 Podcasts for Web Designers & Web Entrepreneurs in 2016

Podcasts are a great medium for both sharing and receiving constructive, thoughtful content, amidst the busyness of present day.

Many of us simply don’t have spare hours to spend catching up on multiple blogs and studies every week. This makes podcasts a great tool for web designers and digital entrepreneurs, as they bridge the gap between a constant lack of time, and learning new things.

As our days are consumed by ever-increasing demands, listening to a great podcast whilst driving or on the train can be a really good use of this, otherwise mundane, time. You may also find that listening to constructive podcasts can really enrich both your personal and professional life, by giving you a fresh perspective and offering new ways to consider things.

We have curated the top 5 podcasts that all web designers and web entrepreneurs should be listening to in 2016. This list is inspired by members of our own web design and development team, which also comprises of several fledgling digital entrepreneurs with a thirst for success. We tune into each of these podcasts weekly, and having learned a lot, we’d like to share them with you too!


Tackling everything from design, code and content management systems, to culture and business challenges, CTRL + CLICK CAST is a must for web designers and web entrepreneurs in 2016. Hosted by Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis, the podcast won Net Magazine’s Top 10 Podcast award in 2011, 2014, and 2016.


Zen Founder: Startups. Family. Life.

The Zen Founder podcast was born almost a year ago, in February 2015. Each week, married couple Rob and Sherry Walling jointly discuss topics related to starting up your business while simultaneously managing family life, or as they put it, ‘Staying Sane While Starting Up’. Having aired over 40 times as of November 2015, Zen Founder’s podcasts often include one-to-one interviews with successful, well-known digital entrepreneurs, amongst other great content.

Zen Founder on iTunes

The Boagworld Web Show

Hosted every Thursday by Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington, the Boagworld show is a ‘fun, informative, and quintessentially British’ podcast series for designers, developers and website owners. Joined each week by a variety of knowledgeable guests, Paul and Marcus together deliver highly-engaging, useful food for thought.

The Boagworld Web Show on iTunes

The Ray Edwards Show — How to Start, Run, and Grow Your Own Internet Based Business

Ray Edwards, sensational host of The Ray Edwards Show, each week shares his thoughts on a range of topics related to running and growing your small business online. Ray’s podcasts are encouraging, full of life, and rich with informative tips and information.

The Ray Edwards Show on iTunes

The Web Ahead

Hosted weekly by Jen Simmons, The Web Ahead airs conversations with world experts ‘on changing technologies and future of the web’. With episodes often lasting up to an hour and a half, Jen, together with her frequent guests, provides a fresh perspective on a variety of topics regarding the evolving web.

The Web Ahead on iTunes

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