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Rapid web application development and consultancy

We believe that designing products and services in close partnership with our clients is the only way to have a real impact on their business.

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End-to-end Solutions

Enablement through applications

We build modern, integrated web applications designed to deliver engaging experiences on any device.

Our app development process starts and ends with a commitment to longevity, scalability & performance.

Through purposeful, results-oriented integrations, we create web apps that increase operational efficiency & provide stronger ROIs.


We help brands create impactful relationships with users, through our passion for vibrant digital experiences.

  • Visual Experience
  • Platform & Performance
  • Interface Implementation
  • Devices & IoT


Our specialisms in API architecture & engineering allow us to build robust backends for demanding, complex applications.

  • JavaScript & Node
  • Headless CMS
  • Decoupled data
  • Application-free


With the implementation of purposeful, forward-thinking integrations, we build progressive web apps ready to scale.

  • API Design & Implementation
  • Application Integration
  • Continuous Integration
  • Web Services / Microservices
What we do

Fully immersive & purpose-driven experiences

Progressive Web Apps

Data-driven, device-agnostic PWAs & applications.

Retail & Commerce

Interactive & engaging online retail experiences.

Product Configurators

Immersive product builders & real-time configurators.


Dashboards & Tools

User-centric dashboards with intelligence & logic.


Powerful apps & interfaces for communities.

Portals & CRMs

High performance administration portals & CRMs.

What we do

Intelligent, high performance frontend experiences

Interactive Experiences

We build user-centric frontends that deliver on interactivity & engagement KPIs

Highly Integrated

Streamlined experiences through integration with third-party & internal applications

Instant Scalability

Significantly reduced infrastructure overhead results in low-cost, instant scalability

Logic & Intelligence

Implementation of advanced logic, intelligence & reaction for interactive applications

Automated Workflows

Use of automation to streamline operations, increasing output & performance

Continuous Delivery

Offload key workflows including testing, deployment, and content regeneration

Speaking through digital design

We leverage the power of forward-thinking digital design as a tool to convey stronger messages to online audiences.

Frontend & Experience

We believe that fluid, cohesive online experiences create trust and build rapport with online users.

Engagement & Feature Integration

Through wide feature-availability & high-level interactivity, our web applications foster engagement & drive users to action.

End-to-end web application & PWA development.

We build complete solutions for the development and integration of high-performance, experience-rich web applications & PWAs.

Deliver engaging & interactive experiences through PWAs & native apps.

Device-agnostic implementation ensures fluidity across hardware & platforms.

Solid content management through advanced data architecture, decoupled CMS & APIs.

Continuous integration for iterative enhancement & innovation, reducing time to market.

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Discover what we can do for you

We are Cocoon, a multitalented digital media agency and web development collective based in London. We develop cutting-edge solutions that expertly cater to the demanding needs of tomorrow.

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