Hey! We're Cocoon.

We're an experience design and software development agency that leverages modern technologies to deliver impactful results for progressive businesses.

Building emotive digital experiences that leverage modern web technologies.

Most agencies are built on the idea of a single solution. That's where we're different. We're inherently platform-agnostic, and believe in the selection of best-fit technologies according to business requirements and end-user goals.

  • Headless & Composable Architectures
  • Modern Web, App & Software Implementations
  • Foundational MACH principles
  • Constant digital transformation through an agile approach

Our credentials

As an agency, we've been providing web and application development services for over

9 years

Some of our most loyal clients have been growing with us for over

5 years

Through productized offerings, we've shipped software licenses to the tune of


Our professional indemnity insurer (worldwide) is



Born from humble starts in London, we've been honing our craft for over 9 years. Today, our diverse international team serves clients worldwide.

Core Expertise

With a focus on innovative technologies and sustainable implementations, our key interests & specialisms are development-driven and results-oriented.



  • Experience Design (XD)
  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Brand Experience (BX)
  • Delivery Optimization
  • Omnichannel


  • Full-cycle Development
  • Composable Architecture
  • Digital Transformation
  • Content Management
  • Data Architecture & Engineering
  • Automation & Intelligence
  • Custom Software & Systems


  • Commerce Enablement
  • Composable Commerce
  • Headless Commerce
  • Product Configurators
  • Hyper Personalization

Business Stakeholders

Your requirements are complex and frequently changing—but previous solutions have fallen short of addressing the depth of your needs. Your employees' time is precious, and you need things to 'just work.'

Strategic Alignment

The development of software & experiences is an intricate dance between many stakeholders. Through extensive scoping, research, and agile methodology, we strive for hyper-aligned outcomes.

Customer Experience

The landscape moves so fast, and your users are judgemental. With immersive, user-centric experience design and web implementation, we help brands align more purposefully with their consumers.