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We develop custom product configurators for disruptive ecommerce brands

With a deep understanding of user behavior and customer journey planning, we develop custom product builders & configurators that empower ecommerce stores and drive sales.

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It's all about personalization.

We develop powerful, feature-rich product configurators for ecommerce stores with a difference.

Product Configuration

Through building a deep understanding of your product line, we develop product configurators that afford users ultimate flexibility in customization of made-to-order or highly configurable products.

Product Personalization

We enable powerful product personalization through our development of bespoke product builders and configurators, delivering greater sales enablement to distinctive brands.

Product Configurator Development

We develop best-in-class product builders & configurators.

Through a deep understanding of the mechanics of product personalization and made-to-order ecommerce, we develop and service end-to-end product builders and configurators for a range of industries and verticals.

With an unrivaled passion for immersive and highly-engaging ecommerce experiences, we build product configurators that provide consumers a direct entry point into the unique world of your brand.

Product Configurators provide for an interactive and engaging way for customers to configure your products to their desired specifications. If your products come in multiple variants, product configurators are a great way to enhance the retail experience by allowing users to customize their product, with the ability to visualize it with their ideal configuration.

Product configurators are different than more traditional variant or options selectors, because they will typically provide a way for the end-user to visualize their configured product. Popular methods include dynamic renderings and 3D models. With dynamic renderings, the customer is able to preview their configured product with the specific options they've selected. In other words, an updated rendering of the product is displayed to the user after they customize each selection. This differs from a standard variant/option select, as the dynamic rendering is often generated on-the-fly, as opposed to pre-generated. This is often the most efficient method where products come in a wide range of possible options, such as a vehicle, furniture, or made-to-order products such as luxury clothing.

For a more immersive experience, and particularly for products with a higher price tag, the configuration process can be enhanced through the implementation of 3D renderings or dynamic 3D models on the product page. This is where a 3D representation of the product is displayed on the product page, which changes as the user updates their options and selections. In this case, the 3D model changes as the user configures the product, and provides for a real-time, realistic representation of the customized product that the user is configuring. It's common to display 3D models alongside dynamic renders or staged photos of the product, so that the end-user is able to get a real feel for the product and how it will look in real life.

Beyond 3D models and dynamic renderings, we can also implement augmented reality which enables users to preview their customized product within their own space. This is particularly useful for items that a customer will use often, or for higher priced goods.

Product configurators offer an attractive way to engage users during the ecommerce experience, and to allowing users to configure custom products and visualize

Product configurators provide consumers with a powerful sense of product ownership, through in-depth customization of their product, whilst delivering a strong method of sales enablement for brands.

The use of Product Builders and Configurators isn't restricted to any particular industry, and can be effectively used for a variety of products and product types across a range of niches.

Configurators offer an attractive—and in many ways superior—alternative to traditional variant/option selectors.

However, there are several best-case scenarios where configurators are aptly-suited:

1. Product configurators are best placed where products are highly configurable and come in a wide range of options, often with multiple options and variants available. In this case, the configurator is able to add value to the end-user's shopping experience, providing them full control whilst presenting the options in an easy-to-understand, digestible manner.

2. Made-to-order products are a great use-case for product configurators, as these will typically provide for multiple points of customization. What's more, customers are able to develop a sense of ownership through a custom configuration process, and interact with a visual representation of the product in their space. Further to this, as made-to-order products will typically boast a higher price tag, product configurators can be a great way to enhance conversions by instilling a greater level of confidence for shoppers.

Several good examples of industries where configurators are commonplace are: Furniture, cars and other vehicles, shoes, tech appliances, and service-based industries.

The terms "product builder" and "product configurator" can be used fairly synonymously within ecommerce, as both refer to the ability for an end-user to configure a product through the selection of multiple options. Typically, product builders/configurators will provide a means for users to preview the custom product in real-time, whether through images or renderings, 3D models, or augmented reality.

Personalization powers sales.

We develop custom product builders and configurators designed to drive sales.

Configurators have a significant advantage above traditional variant and option selectors in that they are more capable of displaying a wide breadth of configuration options to shoppers, in a way that is more digestible and easy to understand. Affording consumers the ability to personalize products and visualize their chosen selections builds a greater emotional connection between shoppers and the product. The end result is often higher levels of on-site engagement and interaction. When developing custom product configurators, our goal is to maximize efficacy through user experience with the aim of delivering stronger ecommerce enablement to our clients.

Good Design
Good Design
Custom Product Configurators

Building your brand a point of differentiation.

Product Personalization

Product configurators enable shoppers to deeply customize a product and make it their own. For products, niches or verticals where product customization is pivotal, configurators provide a key point of differentiation for brands.


Whether a market is emerging or saturated, product builders act as a key point of differentiation for online retailers and ecommerce stores. Their ability to provide such a rich level of engagement transforms the ecommerce experience.


Through real-time renderings and 3D visualization, product configurators deliver a superior commerce experience directly in the web browser. We develop and implement powerful visualization tools within product builders for the modern web.

Device agnostic

From discovery to delivery, we are committed to building device-agnostic experiences for online retailers and ecommerce stores that serve end-users, foster brand loyalty, and optimized conversions.

Saveable & Shareable

Through extended development, custom-configured products can be saved and retrieved by shoppers, such as via a wishlist or private library. By storing custom configurations, the ability to share and collaborate on custom builds empowers users, families, and colleagues.

User Experience

By building a solid understanding of your product line and its configurability, we develop custom product builders that deliver unrivaled frontend user experiences that are immersive, engaging, and feature-rich.

Product Configurator Technology Stack

We build unique customization experiences with best-fit tech.

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Best-in-class JavaScript frontend framework for highly-interactive experiences.

Leveraging React, we create unrivaled product configuration experiences in the web browser, which are device agnostic and boast a wide range of interactive functionality.

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Highly-scalable & performant backend JavaScript runtime for complex custom data.

Node.js provides an optimal backend for execution of the bespoke functions that are involved in sending and retrieving data related to a user's custom configuration.

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Renowned JavaScript library for displaying complex 3D graphics & animation in the browser.

We utilize Three.js, the best-in-class JavaScript library, to deliver stunning 3D graphics and animation directly in the web browser, responding in real-time to a user's build.

Intelligent Logic

Fueled by a solid understanding of your product line, our developers architect custom solutions to product configurator logic, in order to build a solution that caters to the cross-compatibility of the components that make up a final product.

Realtime Pricing

With product builders, product pricing is dependent on a user's configuration—making it highly variable and often unique from build-to-build. We solve this challenge through development of bespoke pricing logic to provide users a custom price in real-time.

Tailored Experiences

We develop custom product configurators that are tailored to your product line and its configurability, delivering an end-result that is highly unique to your brand, and acts as a point of differentiation in a saturated ecommerce market.

Configurator Ecommerce Platforms

Custom development & integration to fit your stack.

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Best-in-class platform for hosted & headless ecommerce.

Our seasoned development team bring the power of custom product configurators to Shopify stores, whether headless or Shopify-hosted. We develop configurators using React, which can either be embedded into a hosted Shopify store, or incorporated within a wider headless Shopify build.

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Shopify Plus

Enhanced merchant & developer tooling with Shopify Plus.

As a Shopify Partner, we also have the privilege of working with Shopify Plus merchants to deliver practical, sustainable solutions to product customization challenges. We work with clients to realize custom logic-based configurators on Shopify Plus, whether in the context of a headless build, or hosted on Shopify.

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Bringing custom product configuration to WooCommerce.

We build custom product builders for WordPress ecommerce stores, most often with integration through WooCommerce. Due to their component-based nature, our bespoke product customizers can be embedded directly into a WordPress/WooCommerce store, or incorporated as part of a larger headless WordPress build.

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Product Configurators are well-placed in a range of different verticals, but work best when a user is required to specify at least several options to build a product.

Through powerful development, configurators are able to vary the options available to users, depending on their applicability and compatibility.

With highly variable products, the available options for deeper configuration will be refined based on the user's previous selections. This makes product configurators a good fit for complex product lines where multiple components can be configured or interchanged.

In terms of niches or industry verticals, product configurators perform optimally where:

1) Products are made-to-order, either during manufacture or assembly, or

2) The performance or efficacy of the product is gauged by its suitability to where the purchaser uses, installs, or applies it, or

3) The product is highly customizable with many interchangeable components or configuration possibilities, or

4) The brand or product is disruptive or within the luxury or mid-range market.