The Benefits of Continuously Integrating Code with CI/CD

Software application development is tedious; and yet without continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), coding would be a nightmare.

Keeping your Information Safe from Data Miners

A lot of firms want to advertise goods and services to you. However, to target customers better, they need your personal information. It is because of this reason companies engage in data mining, a process that could lead to the exposure of sensitive data about you.

Adobe Products Ecosystem Overview Getting Things Done

Adobe Products Ecosystem Overview: Getting Things Done

When most people think about Adobe, they either think about Photoshop or Adobe Acrobat Reader. This guest post from Ben Richardson at Acuity Training, an Adobe Certified training partner, will show you that Adobe offers so much more.

Logo Design: Everything You Need to know

A logo does not only reflect the brand or corporate identity of the company, but it also represents the image of the business.

Drupal Service Provider

Why You Need a Drupal Service Provider

When it comes to managing a business, whether a startup, SMB, or a multinational enterprise, one factor stays pretty much constant, usually across the board. Money.

Drupal Competitors Alternatives Market Position

Drupal Competitors & Alternatives: Drupal Market Position in 2019

Believe it or not, these are common questions I’m asked by my clients."Who are Drupal’s competitors?""What does Drupal’s competition look like, in 2019?"

Blogging without a CMS

Blogging Without a CMS

It’s an increasingly common question — can, and should I blog without using a CMS? The answer is actually not so easy.

Prevent Your Website Being Copied

Prevent Your Website From Being Copied

It’s quite a common question. In fact, I get it from clients all the time.

Is Joomla Secure

Is Joomla Secure?

So you work with Joomla? Maybe you're a creative designer, developer, or even run a Joomla site of your own. Or perhaps you're considering using Joomla for your next online project. I get it. You're consumed with worry and concern. And the issue: Joomla's security.

Which CMS for News Websites

Which CMS for News Websites, Portals & Publishing?

So you know you need to use a CMS for your publishing website. Whether it’s a news website, online newspaper subscription, or simply a portal of informational articles, using a CMS is obviously a no-brainer here.

Joomla Pros and Cons

Joomla: The Pros & Cons

The Pros of Joomla Joomla is one of the most popular open-source content management systems in the world. But beneath all the hype, what are its real pros and cons? Let's explore this in detail.

Protect Your Customers from E-commerce Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud: How Virtual Thieves Can Impact Your Business & Your Customers

Modern consumers differ from their past counterparts in numerous ways, but a major one is their expectation of instant gratification. In part, this has developed because of the advent of online shopping.

Drupal Pros and Cons

Drupal: The Pros & Cons

What are the Pros of Drupal? So, we all know Drupal is powerful. It's secure. It's great at managing complex projects. We hear this all the time!But what really makes Drupal so great?

CMS for blogging

Which CMS is Best for Blogging?

If you’re considering starting a blog, you are thinking of the best content management system. Blogging is a great means of marketing today, whether you’re doing it for a personal website, to promote yourself, or for a business.

Creating a Web Design Portfolio With No Experience

Creating a Great Web Design Portfolio (Even With NO Experience)

Your web design portfolio is arguably the single most important key to success as a web designer or front-end developer. For that reason it’s important that your portfolio instils confidence in any prospective client.

Mac vs PC for Web Design and Development

Mac vs Windows: Advice for Web Developers

One of the fundamental tools in every web developer's arsenal is their PC. Wait, who am I kidding?

The Future of Web Design and Development

Web Development is Dead: Wix, Weebly & Squarespace

Historically, web design has been a massive industry. Ever since the dawn of the web. Once the dot-com era awoke, businesses of all sizes were realizing their need for a presence on the web.

Web Design: The Pros & Cons (For Freelancers)

It’s 2019. Everything is evolving around us faster than you can say “Digital Branding”. So how do you keep up? Especially as a freelance web designer.

Is Joomla Dead?

It’s been frequently debated — is Joomla, the once-popular content management system, dying out?The question has been widely discussed among the web development industry for several years now, with growing concerns gaining traction since around 2016.

How to Hire Someone to Build a Website

So you know you need a web developer. But really, that's the smallest of your problems. Scouting and hiring the most suitable web developer for your project can be overwhelming, to say the least.

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