Drupal Service Provider

Why You Need a Drupal Service Provider

When it comes to managing a business, whether a startup, SMB, or a multinational enterprise, one factor stays pretty much constant, usually across the board. Money.

Drupal Competitors Alternatives Market Position

Drupal Competitors & Alternatives: Drupal Market Position in 2019

Believe it or not, these are common questions I’m asked by my clients."Who are Drupal’s competitors?""What does Drupal’s competition look like, in 2019?"

Drupal Pros and Cons

Drupal: The Pros & Cons

What are the Pros of Drupal? So, we all know Drupal is powerful. It's secure. It's great at managing complex projects. We hear this all the time!But what really makes Drupal so great?

Everything You Need to Know Before Starting Your Drupal Career

Drupal is a great piece of software. It’s no surprise then, that you may be interested in building a career in Drupal.

Drupal CVE-2019-6340: Highly critical security flaw - update now

Drupal has today (February 20, 2019) released a fix for the critical security vulnerability, referenced as CVE-2019-6340, which resolves a major flaw in the content management system.

Drupal Security Vulnerability 2019 [Highly Critical]

Today, 19th February 2019, Drupal has released an official warning in order to alert site administrators of an impending security release for Drupal 8 which will be released tomorrow, 20th February 2019.

Is Drupal dead?

The concern about whether Drupal is dying, losing popularity, or even becoming obsolete has been probed repeatedly for years. This question seems to reappear constantly, like a bad smell. And so, in 2019, is Drupal dead?No.

Should I use Drupal 7 or 8 in 2019?

Even though it’s now been several years since Drupal 8 was released (November 2015), it’s a question many developers find themselves asking.

Starting a Career in Drupal

Working with Drupal is one of the most lucrative career paths in web development today. Any position related to working with the CMS tends to pay very well in comparison to other, or competing, web development frameworks.

Free Drupal themes explained

When working with Drupal, either as a beginner or a seasoned developer, you may find yourself scouring the web for a free Drupal theme that fits your needs. Free website themes and templates are a difficult territory to comment on.

What is the best way to learn Drupal?

Drupal is one of the most popular open-source content management systems used by web developers today. It’s often touted as the enterprise CMS of choice and is popular among businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Can Drupal be hacked?

Drupal has, just like any other content management system, fell victim to several major security flaws since its release. But in comparison to its longest-standing competitors, such as the likes of WordPress and Joomla, its security vulnerabilities have been few and far between.

Using Drupal 7

Why are Drupal sites being built with Drupal 7 in 2019?

It’s been a few years since Drupal 8 saw its first official release. By now, the Drupal community is well into playing catch up, with many of the most popular contributed modules now ported to and supported by the latest version of the CMS.

Is it worth using Drupal for a small website?

It could be. Honestly, it could go either way. Whether it’s worthwhile to run Drupal or not depends less on the number of pages or size of the website, and has far more to do with other factors such as the complexity of the pages and site itself.

Why are Drupal websites always so clunky and ugly?

We know. Everybody knows. Drupal websites are ugly. A lot of the time. But why is this the case, exactly? There are a few reasons, and if you read into it, it actually makes sense.

Free Drupal Themes: DON'T Use Them

There is a wide selection of themes available online for Drupal. Many of them are high-resolution, responsive themes which utilize progressive enhancement to deliver a great experience to your audience.

Is Drupal dead in 2019?

Whether Drupal’s user base is growing or stagnant in size has been a hotly debated subject. For years.

Is Drupal Still the Most Secure CMS?

Drupal, one of the most popular content management systems, suffered one of its most widespread security vulnerabilities earlier this year.

Has your Drupal site been compromised?

In April 2014, many Drupal sites experienced a widespread due to a vulnerability that was discovered with the content management system — nicknamed ‘Drupalgeddon’.

Signs Your Drupal Site Has Been Struck By Drupalgeddon

Welcome to the third post in our Drupalgeddon 2 series!

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