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We Develop Engaging Multi-Platform Experiences with Flutter

We develop UX-first mobile apps based on Flutter.

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Reduce the cost of developing multiple apps by leveraging a single Flutter codebase: Build it once and serve them all.

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Consistent User Experience

Achieve a consistent user experience across all platforms through a branded UI that doesn't change, regardless of the operating system.

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Beyond Mobile

Serve users via web apps with Flutter's support for PWAs. You're no longer locked-in to mobile-only support.

Supercharged frontends.

We develop Flutter apps that engage consumers through experience-led user interaction design.

Impactful Frontends

We design impactful frontends that aim to evoke emotion in end users, fostering engagement and repeat interaction.

Multi-platform Apps

By leveraging Flutter's capability to compile apps for multiple platforms, we develop omni-device apps more efficiently and with a lower time-to-market and resource overhead.

Flutter App Development Services

Empowering wider reach with multi-platform Flutter apps.

Your users are everywhere. With Flutter, reaching them becomes more achievable, and at a more manageable cost. We develop feature-rich Flutter apps that are engaging and highly-integrated through a composable approach.

As a full-service web & app design and development agency, Cocoon provides best-in-class Flutter app development services to better position mobile apps through the development of immersive, engaging experiences.

Flutter is a development framework that is used for creating cross-platform applications from a single codebase.

Flutter allows developers to build apps that can be compiled for a variety of native platforms/operating systems (or the web) while only having to maintain one codebase. This dramatically increases reusability of the codebase, reduces time-to-market, and hastens the speed of development. Together, these benefits of Flutter have the potential to result in significant cost reductions, reduced need for maintenance, and improved developer experience.

Compared to developing separate native applications for each platform or operating system, Flutter provides an attractive alternative: development of an application via a single codebase which can be compiled into multiple native apps for each platform, and deployed respectively.

Flutter is an app development framework, and is used to build multi-platform applications. The framework enables developers to produce apps for a variety of native operating systems from a single codebase, giving the code a higher level of reusability and eliminating the need for development of separate apps for each individual operating system.

There are many benefits to using Flutter for app development. However, the greatest advantage is that Flutter removes the need to develop multiple native apps using different codebases.

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