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We create rich digital experiences powered by Drupal

With a passion for innovation, we've been transforming the aesthetic value of Drupal websites & apps since 2015.

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Frontend & Design

We build lasting experiences through inventive design and emerging front-end technology.

Journey & Experience

Building highly impactful user journeys and experiences is at the heart of what we do.

Brand Impact

We want to create a winning solution to convey your brand's identity to maximize impact.


We build high performance Drupal sites combining form & function

Our passion for crafting novel & effective Drupal solutions drives our ability to consistently deliver competitive, ground-breaking outcomes.

What we do

Meaningful, progressive frontend experiences built with Drupal

Frontend & Experience

Design & experience for website frontends, application interfaces & dashboards

Progressive Web Applications

Leveraging data from Drupal to power PWAs, microsites and applications

Decoupled Frontends

Drupal as a backend/digital experience platform, with fully decoupled frontends

WCAG & Accessibility

Building accessible experiences through standards adherence & WCAG compliance

Building the Drupal websites & apps of tomorrow

We seek to design strong frontend experiences that convey your business message in a way that speaks to the heart of your audience.

Interactive experiences driven through PWAs & Drupal as a DXP

Device-agnostic implementation of website frontends

Portray brand identity through impactful digital design

Continuous integration to deliver constant innovation

We help brands deliver stronger messages through impactful frontend design

As industries develop & markets toughen, we understand the growing need for tailored, competitive Drupal solutions. That's precisely why each project we undertake undergoes a rigorous design process and is meticulously crafted with the utmost care.

And as such a powerful tool for creating highly impactful user journeys and experiences, Drupal makes for the perfect framework. One hundred percent in-house, quality digital craftsmanship and design — that's the Cocoon promise.

Our development & integration arsenal

  • Brand Identity
  • Journey & Experience
  • Decoupled Frontends
  • WCAG & Accessibility
  • Continuous Integration
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Interactivity & Multimedia
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Discover what we can do for you

We are Cocoon, a multitalented digital media agency and web development collective based in London. We develop cutting-edge solutions that expertly cater to the demanding needs of tomorrow.

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