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Integration & API engineering and consultancy

Driven by our passion for high-level interconnectivity, we architect & implement advanced integration solutions for websites and applications.

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Powerful, forward-thinking integration solutions built for scale

Our API development process starts and ends with a commitment to scalable, long-lasting implementations.


We believe that APIs should be designed & implemented in a way that is sustainable and permits for easy extension and future development.


We architect complex integration solutions that are built to scale, accounting for changes in data structure as content & the user base grows.


Through adoption & implementation of emerging web technologies, we strive to develop high-performance APIs that are built to last.


Our API development process focuses on reliability & consistency of data, ensuring smoother operations and greater usability across applications.

What we do

Business-critical APIs for websites and applications of scale

Platform Integrations

Reliable integration of third-party platforms & applications into your existing software stack.

Omnichannel Delivery

Extend reach with reusable, highly-consumable APIs built for omnichannel delivery.

Hooks, Events & Automation

Automate processes & operations with the implementation of advanced webhooks and event triggering.


Highly reusable, modular architecture that ensures longevity & inter-operability of API-driven services.

Devices & IoT

Development of high-level APIs for device and hardware-specific implementations, and for IoT.

Integrated Frontends

Rich frontend experiences for websites, applications & mobile, driven by powerful integrations.


First-party APIs

With a strategic solution to integration, we create greater interconnectivity & more seamless experiences.

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • CRMs, Portals & Backends
  • Microservices

Partner Integration

We create efficient, API-driven solutions to improve management & communication of data between applications.

  • Platform Integration
  • Third-party APIs
  • Omnichannel distribution
  • Integrated Reporting

Systems & Automation

Empowering businesses with more streamlined operations, we build robust integrations to automate processes at the system level.

  • Continuous Deployment
  • Automated Testing
  • Hooks, Events & Alerts
  • Tracking & Insights
Core expertise

API development & integration for connected experiences

Websites & Apps

Enriched, API-driven frontend experiences for web/mobile.

Commerce & Retail

Integrated & omnichannel solutions for commerce.

Users & Communication

Connected experiences for user-centric sites & apps.


CRMs & Tools

Enhanced workflows & operational efficiency.

Reporting & Insights

Powerful insights with integrated data reporting.

Systems & Automation

Efficient backend operations powered by automation.

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Discover what we can do for you

We are Cocoon, a multitalented digital media agency and web development collective based in London. We develop cutting-edge solutions that expertly cater to the demanding needs of tomorrow.

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