We're Your Drupal Service Agency

Cocoon is a full-service digital media agency, specializing in Drupal development at all stages of the development and production chain. Our team of permanent in-house Drupal experts are based in London, and build forward-thinking Drupal solutions that last.

Drupal Theming

Drupal theming is far more than front-end development. It's an art. Our team of front-end Drupal themers and developers share a passion for innovative design. Combining both form and function, user experience is at the forefront of what we do.

Drupal Theming and Design

We want to create a winning solution to convey your brand's identity in a powerful, yet streamlined way. Our team of front-end Drupal themers combine new technologies and inventive design to create an experience that lasts.

Drupal Development

Cocoon are specialist Drupal development experts, passionate about both form and function. Principally, we develop Drupal websites and solutions that are pretty to look at: in the frontend, and the backend. We've been extending Drupal for years; through the use of powerful development practices and innovative technologies — creating lasting, forward-thinking solutions for Drupal websites of scale.

Drupal Development Agency

Let's work together to extend Drupal's native functionality to develop solutions that will impress both your staff and your clients.

Drupal Commerce

Drupal can provide a powerful commerce experience, with flexible tools and functionality. Our team of in-house Drupal specialists are proficient at developing and integrating workable Drupal e-commerce solutions.

Drupal Commerce Experts

Whether you're already managing e-commerce in Drupal, or looking to integrate third-party commerce libraries into your Drupal site, Cocoon is dedicated to building solutions that remain practical for your business while increasing conversions. We're ready to take your Drupal e-commerce solution to the next level. Are you?

Drupal Performance

Cocoon specializes in developing highly-tailored solutions for Drupal performance management, optimization, and scalability. We've worked with some of the world's biggest brands to implement aggressive optimization techniques to Drupal and its dependencies, using industry-leading technology and unbeatable expertise.

Drupal Optimization & Performance

Performance management and optimization are integral to Drupal websites of scale. Let's build a forward-thinking solution to the evolving performance demands of the software and hardware that powers your Drupal installation.

Drupal Maintenance

Drupal is a beast of a CMS. It's powerful, extendable and highly secure. These factors create the perfect framework for enterprise-level digital solutions. However, proactive ongoing maintenance is required in order to get the best out of Drupal and its dependent frameworks and libraries. Our team of Drupal maintenance experts ensure the ongoing integrity of your Drupal solutions using industry-standard tools and a honed methodology.

Drupal Maintenance Solutions

Reap the rewards of proactive ongoing Drupal care by allowing our team of Drupal maintenance experts to manage the powerful technologies that power your Drupal site. Experts in Drupal and enterprise hosting and security solutions, Cocoon will ensure that your Drupal site is managed with care.

Drupal Support

Cocoon provides hands-on Drupal support solutions for both small to medium-sized businesses and international enterprise clients and organizations. Our dedicated in-house team shares a collective passion for Drupal, and are experienced at implementing killer solutions in record time.

Drupal Support Agency

We provide comprehensive Drupal support services to address even the most challenging of demands. Our clients also benefit from hands-on Drupal support for zero-day issues of a critical nature — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Enterprise Drupal

We are experts in enterprise Drupal. Cocoon specializes in the deployment, management, maintenance and support for the industry-leading Drupal providers—Acquia, AWS, Rackspace, Pantheon, DigitalOcean and more.

Enterprise Drupal Solutions

Drupal is the perfect candidate for scalable digital enterprise solutions. Let's work together to build a powerful process for your organization that lasts.

Drupal Security

Drupal provides one of the most secure environments to manage and store sensitive data. However, correct management is required in order to ensure Drupal's maximum security potential. We recognize the importance of implementing security-conscious solutions at every stage of the Drupal development and maintenance continuation process. Cocoon's team of adept security experts are proficient at strengthening native Drupal and hardening Linux based web servers—VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, or Hybrid.

Drupal Security Experts

Our dedicated cybersecurity consultants are proficient in hardening Drupal installations of all sizes and complexity. Using industry-standard technologies and powerful automation, Cocoon is partnered with some of the world's leading organizations to ensure the ongoing stability of your Drupal site. Moreover, our Drupal security specialists provide industry-leading damage recovery and security audit solutions with immediate rollbacks down to the second.

Drupal Migration

More organizations than ever are migrating to Drupal. As a powerful framework, Drupal often provides the best long-term solution to digital content and user management of any scale. Cocoon specializes in Drupal migration management, offering full-service migration from other platforms to Drupal. Additionally, our Drupal migration consultants provide pain-free migration between major Drupal versions for websites running Drupal 6 or Drupal 7.

Drupal Migration Services

Whether you're migrating to Drupal from another platform or transferring content between existing Drupal sites, our proficient Drupal migration consultants are passionate about implementing practical solutions that deliver results—without compromising your data. Let's work together to create a solution to migrate content with speed, whilst preserving the structure and integrity of your existing website.

Drupal Upgrades

Allow our Drupal upgrade and migration specialists to build a powerful upgrade process, whether that's time-limited or ongoing. Regardless of your compatibility and module requirements, Cocoon is devoted to implementing a Drupal upgrade solution that meets even the most complex of specifications.

Upgrade Solutions for Drupal

Allow us to develop and implement a painless Drupal upgrade process tailored to your site and its content — we know how important it is.

Drupal APIs & Integration

We understand the importance of integration. In fact, it's never mattered more. That's why we provide specialist Drupal API and integration services for even the most complex of requirements.

Drupal APIs and Integration

Let's work together to build a streamlined solution for your complex integration requirements.

Drupal Consultancy

Our in-house team of London based specialist Drupal consultants are passionate about even the most complex of project specifications and requirements.

Drupal Consultancy

Let's work together to develop a winning Drupal solution that lasts.