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Founded in 2015, Cocoon is a specialist Drupal development agency and offer innovative solutions for all layers of the Drupal technology stack. With over 25,000 clients around the globe, we know Drupal.

Drupal Development

Cocoon are specialist Drupal development experts, passionate about both form and function. Principally, we develop Drupal websites and solutions that are pretty to look at: in the frontend, and the backend. We've been extending Drupal for years; through the use of powerful development practices and innovative technologies — creating lasting, forward-thinking solutions for Drupal websites of scale.

  • PHP
  • Twig
  • YAML
  • Libraries
  • Views
  • Templates
  • Hooks
  • Modules
  • Themes
  • API
Drupal Development Agency

Where We Excel

As such a powerful content management system, Drupal makes it possible to achieve even the most demanding of outcomes. We’re great at devising innovative strategies to develop the functionality of your Drupal website or application, transforming it into a powerhouse for content delivery.

Our Outcomes

At Cocoon, we’re passionate about building a lean, direct Drupal solution for every one of our clients. Our goal is to tactically extend Drupal, using lightweight strategies that result in high-functioning, yet high-performance delivery. We don’t stockpile Drupal modules, but we do use a select few to make the development experience smoother on both you, and us.

Specialist Drupal Development

The availability of over 40,000 open source Drupal modules allows speedy development of websites and applications. But we often disagree with the overuse of Drupal modules. Our passion lies in the ability to deliver a highly-functional, well-integrated Drupal site, while keeping it lean. Having worked with over 25,000 clients, we know that poor development techniques can impact your business, your Drupal solution, and your audience.

Our Drupal Clients

We’ve built successful Drupal solutions for clients who require even the most complex of requirements. Not only are we proficient in extending the capabilities of Drupal itself, we’re keen to integrate third-party and custom libraries and APIs to achieve the goals your business demands.

Our proficiency in Twig, YAML and PHP allows us to develop extendable solutions for Drupal that are in line with Drupal's official guidelines and standards

We have experience integrating and extended some of the web's most popular libraries into Drupal. What's more, our philosophy of leanness means increased functionality won't lead to an increase in application bloat

Views is one of Drupal's most powerful content management, structuring, and delivery tools. We've been using and extending Views for years, and we've used it to build some of our most complex Drupal solutions

We're proficient in Drupal templating, which can act often as one of the most suitable and performance-enhancing mechanisms for extending the functionality of your Drupal site. The use of Drupal templates during development can not only serve to create a more agile process, but also one that decreases website bloat and retains application security.

Our experience in Drupal allows us to build custom modules to meet even the most challenging of demands. Whether your project requires a simple extension of Drupal's native capabilities or addition of entirely new functionality, we can help.

Our Drupal development expertise range from theming, module creation, overriding Drupal's default behaviors, and also include the integration of external APIs.

Let's work together to extend Drupal's native functionality to develop solutions that will impress both your staff and your clients.