Managed Enterprise Drupal Maintenance

Our agile, indefinite-term managed maintenance process has been years in the making. Our scalable, enterprise-level managed maintenance solutions for Drupal are employed by some of the world's best-known establishments and corporations. Providing managed solutions of scale to over 25,000 clients around the globe, we know Drupal.

Drupal Maintenance

Drupal is a beast of a CMS. It's powerful, extendable and highly secure. These factors create the perfect framework for enterprise-level digital solutions. However, proactive ongoing maintenance is required in order to get the best out of Drupal and its dependent frameworks and libraries. Our team of Drupal maintenance experts ensure the ongoing integrity of your Drupal solutions using industry-standard tools and a honed methodology.

  • Automation
  • Manual
  • Testing
  • Patching
  • Updates
  • Upgrades
  • Application Layer
  • Server Layer
Drupal Maintenance Solutions

Drupal Maintenance Specialists

Cocoon specializes in tactical and informed Drupal maintenance; we don’t do it blindly. Besides maintenance of your content, we know the importance of maintaining and managing both Drupal software itself, and the server infrastructure that’s behind it.

Our Drupal Maintenance Solutions

We focus on three key areas in regards to maintenance. Security, stability and performance, we believe, should be the primary focus of every managed maintenance solution.

We're Experts at Drupal Maintenance

Our principle focuses are on safety and monitoring. We provide 24/7/365 complex monitoring and immediate alerts, automated backup architecture, and both automated and manual testing. We believe that these are all fundamental aspects of maintaining Drupal successfully. 

Managed Drupal Maintenance Services

We provide full-scale maintenance services for your Drupal installation and managed services for your server infrastructure. Some of our expertise include Drupal patching, efficient and well-timed updates, automated testing and monitoring, and server-level management.

We keep your Drupal installation itself up-to-date. But before pushing updates live, we'll test your site in its upgraded state in a private development environment to ensure that everything works and runs just as smoothly as it's intended to.

Of course, we'll also ensure each of your modules are up to date, and running the latest stable versions. Maintaining the integrity of your site's Drupal modules is incredibly important.

Our team of experts will ensure that your installation is patched correctly, in order that it functions and performs exactly how it's intended

We utilize a combination of both automated and manual testing to ensure that your Drupal installation and everything it's associated with is running smoothly, before and after pushing updates.

We'll take care of large maintenance projects that may arise in the future. If you're running a slightly older version of Drupal, we'll start preparing for a compatible upgrade to the latest version well in advance of the deadline

We can maintain your entire application layer, not just Drupal. The maintenance of all your additional applications has a direct impact on the performance and stability of Drupal. That's why we'll remain dedicated to maintaining them all.

No worries, our permanent in-house experts each have over 10 years of experience, and we even have a team of dedicated, in-house maintenance professionals on standby around-the-clock.

Our server administration and sysadmin consultants are committed to maintaining your server-level infrastructure. Not just for an optimized instance of Drupal, but for an optimized instance of all your applications and processes.

We offer 24/7 monitoring of your Drupal instance and entire server environment, 365 days a year. Our managed maintenance services ensure that your online solutions are kept up-to-date, stable and secure.

Reap the rewards of proactive ongoing Drupal care by allowing our team of Drupal maintenance experts to manage the powerful technologies that power your Drupal site. Experts in Drupal and enterprise hosting and security solutions, Cocoon will ensure that your Drupal site is managed with care.