Drupal Optimization & Performance Solutions

Cocoon provides forward-thinking, scalable technology and infrastructure development to supercharge over 25,000 Drupal solutions around the globe. Our only question is, will the next one be yours?

Drupal Performance

Cocoon specializes in developing highly-tailored solutions for Drupal performance management, optimization, and scalability. We've worked with some of the world's biggest brands to implement aggressive optimization techniques to Drupal and its dependencies, using industry-leading technology and unbeatable expertise.

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Drupal Optimization & Performance

We're Experts at Drupal Performance

Many Drupal clients experience concerns with regards to website and application performance and responsiveness. Drupal as a software is highly reliable, and incredibly well optimized out the box. But that doesn’t mean to say that your specific Drupal installation is. We want to identify exactly where your performance difficulties originate, and devise a fool-proof solution that benefits your business. Our main area of expertise in this regard is developing Drupal optimization solutions that significantly improve user experience, while simultaneously decreasing your overheads, resulting in a great ROI.

What We Strive To Achieve

Our performance and optimization techniques take every factor into account; we’re very holistic in this regard. As Drupal itself isn’t the only influencing factor in performance management, we understand the necessity to examine and optimize delivery at every part of the chain.

Specialists at Multi-layer Drupal Optimization

Blazing-fast load times for your audience, team, and applications are our ultimate goal. And that requires far more than basic caching techniques. Our experience with optimization solutions begin far before the user has connected with your Drupal site. Aggressive caching techniques, heavily optimized content delivery and edgepoint integration, and improvement of server architecture and infrastructure are all areas we specialize in.

The native caching configuration options provided in native Drupal are very powerful, and act as a good starting point for optimization of your Drupal website or application. We utilize these built-in optimization tools for initial, low-level caching and compression.

After this, we apply additional, aggressive caching techniques to Drupal via a combination of custom methods and popular, high-performance contributed modules, depending on the compatibility of your specific Drupal solution

We hold great experience in the caching of static files via a range of industry-leading CDNs, and integrate this directly into Drupal utilizing a combination of native-Drupal and custom configuration and development, both on the application and server layer

Optimization of the server infrastructure itself is also very important. For this reason, we perform a complete audit on your server configuration and apply a combination of manual configuration changes to ensure that Drupal is running at optimum performance

We pay specific attention to additional caching mechanisms that can be implemented on the server layer, such as OPcode, Memcache and Varnish. We also analyze your current database configuration on both an application and server level, to ensure that Drupal is performing at its best

We identify areas of potential leakage within both the application and the server itself, and perform manual actions to seal these potential resource-intensive performance leakages

We provide ongoing monitoring of your Drupal instances and server, which run on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our internal team of performance consultants are on standby 24/7 and are alerted the very second your Drupal instance or server resource usage begins to increase beyond typical levels.

We offer an immediate response and investigation into the possible source of increased resource usage, and proceed to apply an immediate remedy.

The combination of our aggressive performance management techniques and our immediate response to spikes in traffic and increasing resource usage results in a near-guaranteed increase on your ROI, and has been proved to drastically reduce isolated business costs and total overhead.

Performance management and optimization are integral to Drupal websites of scale. Let's build a forward-thinking solution to the evolving performance demands of the software and hardware that powers your Drupal installation.