Should creative people become web developers?

Web design is often thought of as a creative profession. Weaving together the strings of a color scheme and inanimate objects on a screen is what most of us interpret as web design. However, web development, on the other hand, has a much less creative reputation.

Stressed at work? Don't take it out on your family!

Little do many of us cherish more than our family. It's often those most close to us that we are so intent on sharing our up-and-down life experiences with, and to whom we express much of our feelings to by sheer default.

Is Drupal dead in 2018?

Whether Drupal’s user base is growing or stagnant in size has been a hotly debated subject. For years.

Why Every Web Developer Should Read (about web development)

Ah, the joy of reading. It’s a pleasant pass-time that simultaneously increases our knowledge and thirst for new information. Right from the get-go, we are taught about the benefits of reading as early as elementary school.

Feeling Demotivated as a Web Developer

Mental fatigue and demotivation are often experienced by all of us at one point or another, regardless of our profession. Unfortunately, working indoors and behind a screen for the majority of the day only serves to amplify this.

Staying Sane While Under Stress at Work

It's 2018, and stress is everywhere. Even in the most perceivably stress-free lines of work (is that even a thing anymore?), the level of individual responsibility, and subsequently personal stress, seems to be fast increasing.

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