Keeping your Information Safe from Data Miners

A lot of firms want to advertise goods and services to you. However, to target customers better, they need your personal information. It is because of this reason companies engage in data mining, a process that could lead to the exposure of sensitive data about you.

Prevent Your Website Being Copied

Prevent Your Website From Being Copied

It’s quite a common question. In fact, I get it from clients all the time.

Is Joomla Secure

Is Joomla Secure?

So you work with Joomla? Maybe you're a creative designer, developer, or even run a Joomla site of your own. Or perhaps you're considering using Joomla for your next online project. I get it. You're consumed with worry and concern. And the issue: Joomla's security.

Protect Your Customers from E-commerce Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud: How Virtual Thieves Can Impact Your Business & Your Customers

Modern consumers differ from their past counterparts in numerous ways, but a major one is their expectation of instant gratification. In part, this has developed because of the advent of online shopping.

Drupal CVE-2019-6340: Highly critical security flaw - update now

Drupal has today (February 20, 2019) released a fix for the critical security vulnerability, referenced as CVE-2019-6340, which resolves a major flaw in the content management system.

Drupal Security Vulnerability 2019 [Highly Critical]

Today, 19th February 2019, Drupal has released an official warning in order to alert site administrators of an impending security release for Drupal 8 which will be released tomorrow, 20th February 2019.

Is Drupal Still the Most Secure CMS?

Drupal, one of the most popular content management systems, suffered one of its most widespread security vulnerabilities earlier this year.

Has your Drupal site been compromised?

In April 2014, many Drupal sites experienced a widespread due to a vulnerability that was discovered with the content management system — nicknamed ‘Drupalgeddon’.

SPAM BOTS: How to Get Rid of Them

Every site administrator is all-too-familiar with the nuisance that are spam bots. Typically, spam bots will flood your website or blog with unsolicited comments and user registrations, which can be troublesome and time-consuming to remove.

Signs Your Drupal Site Has Been Struck By Drupalgeddon

Welcome to the third post in our Drupalgeddon 2 series!

Your Drupal Site Is Hacked And You Don’t Even Know

Welcome to the second post in our Drupalgeddon 2 series!

My Drupal site keeps getting hacked

Welcome to the first post in our Drupalgeddon 2 series!

Drupal Site Hacked? The Top Signs & Solutions

It's being nicknamed 'Drupalgeddon', could have potentially affected up to 1.6 million websites, and is described as 'being exploited in the wild'.

How to Recover & Secure a Hacked Drupal Site: Drupalgeddon 1, 2 & 3

In light of the recent Drupal vulnerabilities, "millions of websites" could have been potentially compromised.