Freelancing as a self-taught developer with no experience

Web development is a lucrative business. In fact, any job related to design, development or programming can be incredibly lucrative. Especially today. And freelancing, in particular, does come with its fair share of benefits.

Making a Regular Income as a Freelance Web Developer

More and more web developers are considering freelancing. And realistically, it’s a viable, sustainable method of earning a long-term stable income, with the perks of being able to work with your own schedule and from anywhere you want.

Should I go to university to become a Web Designer/Developer?

So you’re passionate about starting a career in web development? Then you’re likely wondering where to start in terms of education, and whether it’s necessary to enroll in a college or university to become a Web Designer or Web Developer.

Why are website builders gaining popularity?

There are so many ways to build a website. In fact, the potential methods of launching a site, whether for personal or business purposes, are practically limitless in today’s web space.

Do websites still need to support older browsers?

So, it’s 2019 and you’re wondering whether it’s still necessary to test your website in older web browsers. It’s a great thought. With all the progression that the web space has seen, does your website really need to support older browsers?

Do people still code HTML and CSS by hand?

Do people still code HTML and CSS by hand? Of course they do.

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